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Inclyousion 2023

Value Pass


By purchasing our Exclusive Corporate Value Pass, you'll gain access to:


✨ A unique- employee leadership and talent development program that leads to increased productivity, innovation and bonding among your employees. 



✨ Family add-on packages for individual team members: Special packages for employees who would like to avail the Summit resources for their families. 



 Discounted Prices  for value group packages for interested organizations



✨ An opportunity to interact with 45+ renowned thought leaders who are shaping the future of inclusion in the workplace.



Exclusive Branding: As a Value Pass Holder, you will earn exclusive recognition as a pioneer of inclusive organization culture. 



Interactive Workshops: Dive deep into practical strategies and best practices to drive meaningful change in your organization.



12- month Access to Resources: Gain access to a treasure trove of resources, research, and tools to support your inclusion initiatives for a WHOLE year! 



✨ Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow inspiring leaders, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships.

Why Neurodiversity Inclusion is the fuel for your DEI Initiatives

Successful companies understand the critical role that fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion plays in the growth and development of the organization. Neurodiversity can significantly enhance the scope of a company's diversity initiatives by encompassing individuals with unique cognitive capabilities. The ‘diversity’ in neurodiversity can encompass a spectrum of brain functions and influence how an individual intrinsically approaches learning, social interaction and problem-solving.


These distinctions are valuable variations that can be harnessed to improve employee well-being and in turn organizational effectiveness. Embracing neurodiversity at the organizational level cultivates a culture where distinctions are not only embraced but leveraged for shared success in a dynamic corporate environment. Neurodiversity initiatives also offset the critical challenges with talent attraction, retention and progression that companies grapple with today.

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The neurodiversity movement has gained momentum as successful organizations across the globe have revamped their DEI initiatives to tap into neurodiverse talent resulting in productivity gains, quality improvements, enhanced innovation, and increased employee engagement.  The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), the USA's National Security Network, NGA, the U.S. Air Force, the Australian Defence Forces, technology enterprises like SAP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Microsoft are just some of them.  

Organizations have observed that : 

  1. Neurodivergent teams are 90-140% more productive than all neurotypical teams. 

  2. Neurodivergent teams exhibit increased team empathy and strong loyalty for the company. 

  3. Neurodiverse inclusivity drives up the company’s innovation culture


The InclYOUsion Summit is designed to provide you with the insights, strategies, and inspiration for embracing neurodiversity  and lead your company toward success, growth and innovation . 

It  delves into a comprehensive array of themes, encompassing neurodiversity insights from groundbreaking research, tools and methodologies for onboarding neurodiverse talent, the transformative role of neurodiversity in inclusive nation-building, empowering the voices of the neurodivergent, gathering inspiration from trailblazers and innovators within the neurodiverse community, strategies for retaining and training neurodiverse talent while building fulfilling careers, harnessing academia's potential to nurture neurodiverse brilliance, and exploring the profound impact of diagnosis and the flourishing neurodiversity movement.


How can YOU step in?

As pioneering leaders in your organization, you understand the immense importance of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization. The InclYOUsion Summit is designed to provide you with the insights, strategies, and inspiration you need to lead your company toward success, growth and innovation. We call upon YOU, the leaders and influencers shaping ideas, minds and lives, to lead by example.


Attending The InclYOUsion Summit will help you to: 

Build neurodiverse champions at every level of leadership.

✨  Understand the ideal hiring process to onboard unique neurodivergent talent.

Cultivate a wider skill-set within the organization and  drive up productivity by building neurodiverse teams. 

✨ Examine & create new career-progression tracks for teams and individuals.

Build an inherent innovation culture.

Save costs due to reduced errors and rework. 

✨  Drive up the empathy and employee engagement quotient.

Invest in your organization's growth by securing your Value Pass today! Nominate select members or take an employee training pass for your entire organization! 

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